The remote proctor solution uses your computer’s webcam and microphone to send video footage of your environment while you complete an online assessment using a supported web browser. Captured information includes your photo, a 360-degree view of your test-taking environment, audio from the room while taking the assessment, and screen captures/recordings of your computer screen.  You do not have to install any additional software on your computer. Once you complete your assessment, all recording ceases immediately. We encrypt the recorded data and securely store it on our servers, where it will be reviewed by authorized assessment personnel.

Q. Can I use any web browser to complete and assessment using the remote proctor solution?

A. The remote proctor solution is available to desktop computer, laptop, and certain tablet device users running one of the following browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or the Opera Browser. These web browsers can be installed on the latest versions/distributions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and iPadOS. Please use the latest supported version from the browser manufacturer. Remote Proctor exams cannot be completed on a mobile phone. Android-based tablets are not currently supported.

Q. Can I use the remote proctor solution if my computer does not have a built-in webcam/microphone?

A. You may purchase a USB webcam from most stores that sell computer parts and peripherals. To the extent we are aware, the remote proctor solution is compatible with all webcams and microphones supported by your device’s operating system. Please follow any instructions to install the USB webcam before entering the online assessment.

Q. My computer has more than one camera and/or microphone. Will I be able to choose which one to use?

A. Yes, the Remote Proctor solution allows you to choose the camera/microphone to use during the Activation Wizard.  Please see the “Remote Proctor Step-by-Step Guide” for more information.

Q. What documents and/or tools am I allowed to use during the assessment?

A. Except where otherwise noted, all the information you need will be available online in the assessment itself. In cases where you are allowed or intended to refer to other information during the assessment, this will be indicated and communicated in your enrollment details. Do not use any documents, materials, or tools unless they are expressly permitted for the specific assessment.