The remote proctor solution does not install any software on your computer and will cease all recording when your finish your assessment and/or close the browser window. However, you should still take appropriate steps while taking the assessment, both to ensure your privacy and to avoid compromising your assessment results:

  1. Close all other running programs, including email applications, communication applications (instant messaging, chat, etc.), and anything that may contain or include sensitive personal information. This includes any programs running in the background that may launch pop-ups or notifications.

  2. Turn off and do not use phones or other communication devices/tools.

  3. Do not have any sensitive personal information showing in your test-taking environment.

  4. Ensure any others in your test-taking environment know you should not be disturbed.

  5. Once the assessment begins, do not open any other program or open any additional browser windows or tabs.

Q. What personal information do you gather when using Remote Proctor?

A. When taking an assessment/examination ("exam") using Remote Proctor technology, video from your device's webcam and room audio from your microphone will be sent to our servers for review by authorized proctoring personnel.  Prior to starting your exam, you will need to provide us with a 360-degree view of your examination environment to confirm that your room complies with proctored examination requirements.  This means that the Remote Proctor process may capture anything in your immediate surroundings and anything else visible or audible within the range of your webcam/microphone.  The website may also take periodic screenshots on your computer to confirm that you are not using unauthorized software programs or visiting other websites while completing the exam.  We will also gather limited telemetry data about your computer/device, such as the version of your operating system and web browser, monitor resolution, make/model of your webcam and microphone, and connection speed data, to help us diagnose/troubleshoot technical issues related to your Remote Proctor exam.

Q. How long will you store my personal information?

A. For qualification and certification assessments, we will retain your uploaded video and audio footage for two years. In addition, we will retain your photo and 360-view of your test-taking environment for the duration of the validity of the underlying qualification/certification, plus one year. In the event that you no longer need the qualification/certification and wish to delete your account, we will remove all footage and invalidate your qualification/certification certificate. For more information, please review our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Q. How are you securing my personal information?

A. All data gathered is encrypted both in transit and at rest using industry-leading security protocols, and will be stored for the period necessary to review your recordings and address any appeals process(es).  The data will be stored in the server location deemed closest to your computer during the Remote Proctor setup process based on connection speed calculations, and this may include server locations in the United States, Brazil, Germany, and Singapore.  The footage will only be reviewed by our authorized personnel, authorized proctor provider personnel, and/or test sanctioning body staff to ensure the integrity of the exams.  It will never be shared with unauthorized third parties or used for any other purpose.

Q. What are my options if I don’t want to be recorded?

A. Many programs also offer the possibility of human-proctored sessions, either in conjunction with face-to-face training classes or at separate standalone sessions. Completing the online assessments in a human-proctored environment will not record footage from your webcam or microphone. Please contact the training provider to determine if this option is available for you.