Step 1 - Introduction

The Exam Activation Wizard will appear upon entering a timed section of a module.

Step 2 - Permission

The Permission section of the Exam Activation Wizard will help you verify that your camera and microphone are configured properly. If your device has multiple video or audio input devices (such as front and rear cameras, or internal and external microphones), use the dropdown lists to choose the appropriate devices. (REMINDER: You cannot wear headsets, headphones, or earbuds during a proctored exam or assessment.)

The following buttons may appear to help you with set up:

A) Camera/Microphone blocked? - If either the camera and/or microphone are blocked, clicking this button will provide instructions to help unblock your camera and/or microphone.

B) Refresh Hardware - If there is a connection error with either the camera and/or microphone you may be required to change input sources. Clicking this button will attempt to re-connect using your new settings.

Step 3 - Photo ID

In this step you will be required to take a photograph of yourself. You may retake your picture as many times as desired before proceeding.

Step 4 - 360° View

We will require a full 360° view of your test taking environment. This means that you must rotate your camera (or device) slowly so that we can see a full view of the room all around your current location, in a full circle. Please ensure to take your test in a private environment without any visible sensitive/proprietary objects or information.

Important: If we cannot see a full view of your test-taking location in this 360° video, it may disqualify your examination.

In order to continue, the 360° video must be at least ten (10) seconds long.

Step 5 - Summary

This section summarizes the actions you have taken to configure the remote proctor environment. Please review and familiarize yourself before proceeding.

Special Notes

Click on the "Question Mark" icon at any time while in the Exam Activation Wizard to access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or to submit a support request via the "Log Issue" button.