We recommend a connection of at least 10 megabits-per-second download speed, and at least 5 megabit-per-second upload speed, with faster speeds preferred. In addition, to help reduce potential interference with your connection, we recommend using a wired connection, or ensuring a good and stable Wi-Fi signal. Open Wi-Fi connections in hotels and other public venues are not recommended.

Q. If I’m on a slow Internet connection, will I be penalized during the timed assessments?

A. The system is designed to be fault-tolerant and to pause the timer while loading screens and related assessment material, so you should not be penalized for slower connections. However, if you get disconnected entirely and exit the browser, the system limits re-entry attempts. Therefore, we highly recommend using the best connection available to you, especially when taking timed assessments.

Q. Will Remote Proctor work with my corporate firewall or VPN?

A. Most customers do not encounter issues, but we have encountered some problems on devices or networks of certain enterprises or groups that have very restrictive firewalls or device restriction policies.  In such cases, you may encounter periodic or repeated problems connecting to our servers, long delays uploading examination footage, or other issues while completing the exam.  If you have the option to disconnect from your corporate firewall or VPN, this will often improve the situation.  Otherwise, in the case of very restrictive IT policies (such as restrictions on using webcam devices or uploading video footage), you may need to take the exam on a personal device in a non-work location, such as a personal laptop or tablet at your home office or a local library.